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Black Heel Marks first full-length recording launching June 25, 2013.


Feel Free

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Feel Free was directed and produced by Don Pyle (The Filthy Gaze of Europe / Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet), with electrified guitars by Wilmer Henderson III (Girl Trouble), Jonny Dovercourt (Republic of Safety), Dallas Good (The Filthy Gaze of Europe / The Sadies), Sandro Perri (Polmo Polpo), Kevan Byrne (King Cobb Steelie) and Dave Evans (Soupcans). Kevin Lynn (King Cobb Steelie / Minotaurs) and Patti Schmidt (Nanobot Auxiliary Ballet) play electrified bass. Patti also sings, as does KP Kendall (Girl Trouble), and Alanna Stuart (Bonjay).  Tony Malone (Drastic Measures) plays some keyboards and DP lashes out with synthesizers, drums and other appurtenances.

The cover of Feel Free features cfaal 113 by Jessica Eaton, from her photo series Cubes for Albers and LeWitt. Derek von Essen designed the package. Feel Free was mastered by Peter J. Moore.

Feel Free will be available as a compact disc or by digital download.  Distributed in Canada by Outside Music.

The first video, Switch, is co-directed by Wrik Mead and Don Pyle and will begin projecting in June.


1 Mirrors For Smashing

2 Weirdo

3 Cats & Chainsaws

4 Julian Cope

5 Your Know What I Think Of You?

6 Private Rooms

7 Draco Dwarf

8 Switch

9 Blue Venus

10 The Impossiblist

11 I Could Look Pretty

12 Being There

13 Filth


Feel Free was produced with generous assistance from the Ontario Arts Council.

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Switch video out now!

The first video from Feel Free is out now. Directed by Wrik Mead and Don Pyle, with camera and edit by Wrik, Switch stars Kevin Hegge, Brian Rigg and Sebastian Brewer. Switch performed by Black Heel Marks – KP Kendall on vocals, Wilmer Henderson III on electric guitar and Don Pyle on drums, drum machines and synthesizers.